Better supply chain.
Easier on the planet.

StitchEasy is a collaboration platform that connects fashion brands with manufacturers, eases communication and increases production efficiency all while promoting sustainability across the supply chain.

By increasing the transparency in the fashion manufacturing process, our aim is to help brands have greater control over how their products are produced.


For generations, we have catered to fashion brands across the world. With the purpose of servicing the growing needs of our customers in the new “Digital Normal”, StitchEasy is now reinventing the fashion manufacturing industry through technology and AI.

Meet the team


Aditya Bajaj

Chief Everything Officer

An innovator and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the fashion manufacturing industry, Aditya is on a mission to fill the gap between brands and manufacturers and promote sustainable production.


Rana Raouf Farag

Chief Technology Officer

Rana, PhD in AI, is passionate about using digitisation to solve real world problems. Her experience in information technology equips her to lead this digital revolution in the manufacturing industry.


Franco Massa

Chief Operating Officer

Franco's experience comes from 8 years of negotiating with worldwide manufacturers. He is well versed with e-commerce, sales performance and managing supply chains.


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We're currently operating out of Madrid, Spain and New Delhi, India.


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