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  1. Designing & Styling

    1. In-Platform Tech Pack creation

    2. In-platform Tech Pack sharing with factory—no email or file sharing apps need

  2. Costings & RFQ

    1. RFQs with inbuilt auto link to tech packs - no need for external file sharing

    2. Cost in multiple currencies [all currencies]

    3. Set target prices and desired payment terms

    4. Add cost options and quantity options to work towards target price (BETA)

    5. Invite multiple factories to cost for one order, request, compare and manage costs (BETA)

    6. Cost Negotiation at cost level

    7. Cost Acceptance and re-cost feature (BETA)

  3. Sample Request Management

    1. Request swatches [lab dips, strike offs] and Product Samples [proto, fit, SMS, PPS, Top, pre-shipment]

    2. Select sample delivery address from saved addresses (BETA)

    3. Sample log to track date and status of all samples and to keep track of samples and costs across project

  4. Feedback and Approvals

    1. Factory to upload photos and sample information before sending

    2. Factory measurements added directly into platform in dimensions table / fit log—platform auto-highlight which measurements fall out of tolerance

  5. Sourcing and Supply Chain

    1. Browse, source and manage all materials & components in Libraries

    2. Get instant access to Stitch Easy verified manufacturers 

    3. Communicate with manufacturer direct via platform Chat feature (BETA)

  6. Accounts And Users

    1. In-Platform billing and subscription management

    2. Different users and viewing rights (BETA)

    3. Email notification—turn on / off email notifications at a user level​


We have new features rolling out every week. Tell us what you would like to see next.